NI schools managed service

NI Schools Managed Service for catalogue devices

    Included in the total price of catalogue devices is a managed service wrap, providing enhanced investment in an education device in comparison to a retail device. The devices are all thoroughly tested for compatibility for the education market and unique C2k network.

The Managed Service provides:

  • Installation onto your school C2k network providing single-sign on access to C2k applications and services.

  • Installed core C2k applications including Microsoft Office, Adobe (Post-Primary schools only), Solidworks.

  • Automatic applied updates to security software, anti-virus software and Microsoft Office.

  • Device hardware break-fix repair service if a fault or break occurs with the device.

  • Remote diagnostic service on the devices for faults and escalation to field support if repair is not achievable remotely.

Benefits of the NI schools managed service on devices

    • Cost-effective – the total cost of ownership is reduced with the added value features of the managed service compared to purchasing from a retail distributor

    • Simplified – all school devices have instant access to all C2k services and applications once installation is complete, meaning a new set of classroom devices or IT suite is available for students quickly.

    • Hassle-free – if a fault occurs, the repair is taken care of by those who know the C2k network best and minimises the disruption to teaching and learning.

    • Continuous – the devices are automatically and continually updated, providing access to the latest online security, operating systems and applications for students.

    • No hidden charges– the managed service is one-off, with no annual fees for the duration of the C2k contract.